A Brazil-UK academic partnership critically examining emerging forms of digital urbanism

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Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná

Technology, networks and territorialisation

The research team from PUCPR is formed by scholars and researchers who work and study at the Postgraduate Programme in Urban Management. The team is made up of professors and postgraduate (Masters and PhD) candidates, involved with themes associated with cities, spatial transformations and technology. Territorialisation, or the way in which space is appropriated by groups and individuals and divided into controlled areas with the support of digital technologies, is at the core of PUCPR team’s scientific interests.

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Durham University, Department of Geography

Smart Urbanism and Digital technologies

Durham University’s Geography Department is developing a critical research agenda around smart urbanism and the interface between cities and digital technologies. Smart Urbanism, the rebuilding of cities through the integration of digital technologies with buildings, neighbourhoods, networked infrastructures and people, is being represented as a unique ‘solution’ to the majority of problems faced by cities today. But are Smart Cities delivering on their promises?

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Federal University of Bahia, Faculty of Communication

Digital Media, Networks and Space

The Lab 404 (Digital Media, Networks and Space Research Laboratory – Faculty of Communication, Federal University of Bahia) focuses research on the relationship between spatialisation processes and digital media on contemporary culture. Construction of urban space is more influenced than ever by technologies of information and communication. Such mediations become increasingly complex as new developments take place that introduce in the social process devices that are able to communicate between themselves with a minimum of human agency and at the same time with the capacity to produce and share great amounts of data (mostly about or concerning humans) that should not only create value, but also potential threats to individuals and organizations.

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Plymouth University, School of Architecture, Design and Environment

Digital Cities

Digital Cities Research is based in the School of Architecture Design and Environment at Plymouth University. The Digital Cities research cluster investigates new technologies of communication, social media and their effects on changing urban and social environments and on spatial practices.

Key research areas:

  • ICTs and urban planning
  • Urban and Place design and digital technologies
  • space, place and ICTs
  • critical approaches to digital and smart cities

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Augmented urbanity and smart technologies